Some Of My Top 10 Favorite Things From Our Bella Graciela Amazon Store!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and giving yourself some much needed R&R.

Today’s post is just a few of my favorite things from the Bella Graciela Amazon Store to get you in the mood for holiday shopping, especially with Black Friday coming up soon!

Just as a reminder, you can get 10% off when you spend $30 for the entire month of November in my shop!

Gold and Black Gentleman Top Hat, Mustache and Glasses Necklace; $4.65

Golden Spiked Charms Hair Jewelry Comb and Ear Wrap; $3.50

Adorable Silver Bow with Dangles Earrings Set; $5.25

Vintage Fashion Bronze Flower & Globe Dangle Drop Earrings; $5.25

Shamballa Crystal Glass and Skull Beads Adjustable Bracelet; $18.25

Fashionable Edna with Rhinestone Studded Glasses Cell Phone Charm; $7.95

Punk Dangling Cross Charms Ear Wrap; $4.25

Pure Immortality Blue and White Round Blossom Chinese Ceramic and Macrame Flower Bracelet – Adjustable; $19.99

Asian Sakura Cherry Blossom Flowers Tree Guitar Drop Porcelain Necklace; $10.99

Silver Swarovski Princess Crown and Fashion Crystal Dangle Charm Earrings; $17.99


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