New Earrings In Our Bella Graciela Shop!

It’s Sunday again!

It just amazes me how quickly the days seem to pass sometimes.

I thought today’s post would be fun to feature some new earrings I’ve recently put up in our Bella Graciela Amazon store. There are some adorable styles, some really chic styles and some really bohemian styles as well.

Super Chic Black Cat and Rhinestone Studded Fish Post Earrings Combo Pack; $6.25

Cracked Teal Rock Charm, Rhinestones, Bone and Feather Earrings; $5.75

Adorable Heart & Bow Rhinestone Studded Sugar Skull Post Earrings; $8.25

Cracked Teal Rock Charm, Chain and Feather Earrings; $4.25

Golden Coral and Blue Dove Dangle Earrings; $4.25

Black Masquerade Charm, Feather and Chain Earrings; $4.25

Silver Rhinestone Flower and Princess Dangle Earrings; $3.25

Shop All Bella Graciela Items – here.

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