Accessorize Your Iphone, Windows, or Android Smart Phone With These Cute Charms!

Super Cute Chocolate Ice Cream Cell Phone Charm Dust Plug

In our technologically savvy world, nearly everyone has a cell phone and with growing technology advances, we’re almost always on them doing something or other.

Since it seems like our phones are becoming more and more of an extension of ourselves, it’s no surprise people have begun to accessorize and decorate them according to their personalities, style and interests!

With that, Bella Graciela offers many different kinds of cell phone charms that also function as dust plugs. If you don’t know already, dust plugs plug straight into your headphone jack and prevent dust from gathering there!

I love that they keep my phone clean, in a word, but also that they look cute while doing it!

We have a lot of variety in our cell charms, but here are some of my favorites!

Hot Pink Skull with Red Rhinestone Headphone Jack Cell Phone Charm Dust Plug

Fashionable Edna with Rhinestone Studded Glasses Cell Phone Charm

Pink and White Rhinestone Studded Queen Teddy Bear Headphone Jack Cell Phone Charm Dust Plug

Shop All Items on Bella Graciela – here.

Shop All Items on Amazon – here.


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