Lovely Handmade Ceramic & Macrame Flower Bracelets for Spring!

Pure Immortality Blue and White Round Blossom Chinese Ceramic and Macrame Flower Bracelet – Adjustable

I am a huge fan of handmade artisan jewelry and these ceramic macrame bracelets are absolutely lovely for Spring!

Handmade ceramic and macrame, these bracelets are made by students trying to earn some extra cash while doing their studies.

Eternally Pure Blue and White Chinese Ceramic and Macrame Pointed Flower Bracelet – Adjustable

 I love how simple, yet different these two flower designs are – one is very pointy like a sunflower petals almost while the other is much more rounded like carnation petals. You can definitely wear each of these for entirely different Spring and Summer styles. I think the Pointed Flower Bracelet is a bit more bold and striking while the Round Blossom Bracelet is softer, romantic and a bit more demure. Both are lovely in their own right and feminine in nature, but displaying it in their own way which is certainly a beautiful and expressive way to accessorize any outfit!

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Handmade Ceramic & Macrame Flower Bracelets for Spring!

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