Saturday Favorites from Pinterest!


Brunch! – Via Pinterest

Happy Saturday!

I finally have time to commence with these Saturday Favorites posts again and I’m excited about it! Saturdays are always fantastic, no? It’s like the rat race that is mid week finally slows way down by Saturday so we can all take a breath and collect ourselves. I’m so grateful for that and for being able to share these fun pinterest finds with you all so I hope you enjoy!

Wow - Tan Enhancer Serum - Guerlain - Terracotta Sun Serum/0.94 oz. -

Tan Enhancer Serum – Guerlain – via Pinterest

This tan enhancing sun serum from Guerlain looks great! Although I’m not into tanning as I’m much too fair to do anything but burn, the idea of having cocoa skin and applying luxurious tan enhancing oil sounds like a fantastic daydream to have on a hot summer day no?

Achieve #California Girl #Style With Planet Blue! | #women #designerfashion #clothing #beach #summer #cali #socal

Lace Crochet Top – via Pinterest

I love the look of this lace crochet top! It’s so pretty, but without being overly stuffy or heavy. I like that it has cutouts that flatter any figure and will keep the top breezy and perfect for summer.

Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie. Would be great for the upcoming summer months.

Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie – via Pinterest

Did I mention it’s hot out?

Well, it is, really really hot out today! Nothing sounds more delicious and refreshing than a freshly blended smoothie, am I right?

38 Anthropologie Hacks Ever walk around Anthropologie and think “I could make this stuff myself for so much cheaper”? Here’s how you can!

38 Anthropologie Hacks – via Pinterest

Speaking of lazy Saturdays, I can’t think of a better way to spend a nice, slow Saturday than some good ol’ arts and crafts! One of these awesome Anthropologie Hacks could be pretty promising and you’ll save tons of money in the process.


Fall Wedding Gowns – via Pinterest

These gorgeous wedding gowns for fall really caught my eye because they’re very lace-influenced and that’s so feminine and pretty for autumn and winter style weddings, in my opinion. It’s all very romantic!

Maldives. Lets go swimming?

Maldives. Lets go swimming? – via Pinterest

As we approach the end of summer and I spot this picture on Pinterest, I can’t help but feel that I truly missed out! Wouldn’t it be amazing if I lived in Maldives?

Have A Great Saturday 🙂

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