Beautiful In Blue!

Beautiful In Blue

Beautiful In Blue

Real Cracked Crystal Blue Topaz Color Bracelet 42g 925 Sterling Silver

 Romantic Royal Blue Rhinestone Studded Swarovski Crystal Heart Envelope Charm Necklace

 Silver Dia de Los Muertos Skull with Blue Gem Charm Pierced Ear Wrap

Teal Dangling Skulls Ear Wrap

Shamballa Crystal Glass and Skull Beads Adjustable Bracelet

 Sky Blue and Golden Pendant with Dangling Golden Spikes Necklace.

Blue is such a beautiful color to wear in the fall and winter, especially when paired with gray, black and white shades because it’s a subtle pop of color that looks positively regal and still very romantic and lovely.

Fashionable Accessories for Halloween: Skulls Edition

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