5 Tips for Shopping Black Friday Online!


Black Friday can either be fun or a total nightmare for some. If you’re like me, you’d rather stay home and shop online from the safety of your cozy living room without the fear of being trampled to death by insane shoppers. That being said, online shopping can be overwhelming and stressful if you don’t have a plan of action so I’ve come up with some tips to help make your online shopping a lot more efficient, stress-free and even a little fun!

  1. Find out which of your favorite websites is having black Friday deals and make a list of the ones you’d like to shop.
  2. After making a list of the stores you want to shop at, browse those stores ahead of time and figure out which items you want/need the most so you can search those first and see if they fall under the black Friday deal. Then make a list of those items and which site they’re on and any coupon codes you’ll need to get the discounts. This will make shopping a lot faster.
  3. When the day comes to shop, try shopping through cash back sites like Bill Me Later, Ebay, or other cash back sites which allow you to get a percentage of your purchases back. By doing this, you’ll save money with your black Friday deals AND get a percentage of that back!
  4. Put aside a time to shop! Usually online black Friday deals start before or on Thanksgiving or at midnight on black Friday and you can shop within a certain period, but some deals only last 24 hours so make sure you check the parameters for each of the site deals you’ll be shopping and make sure you put aside time to shop which falls under those periods so you can get all the deals you want.
  5. Enjoy yourself! Put your feet up, grab some hot chocolate or a glass of wine and enjoy the sales without a care 🙂

Happy Shopping! 

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