Friday Favorites: Spring Break Travel Destinations

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sorry for the lateness on this post, I’ve just been swamped with things to do and we’re coming out with some new items so I’m busy trying to get those up for you all! Today’s post is on fun travel destinations I think would be fun for Spring Break because I am in lust with the idea of a trip at the moment and I thought you might be too!


Disney Cruise (for families)

My kids are long gone, but I like to think if they were younger they’d have really enjoyed a cruise like this! I have a friend who recently went on a cruise (without kids, mind you) and truly enjoyed herself so much she wanted to go again! This seems like a great trip to take with a family of all ages where there’s something for everyone to do and enjoy.


Hot Springs Spa (with the girls or couples)

Going to a retreat type hot springs resort is a great trip to take with girl friends or even couples who want to get away and relax. This looks seriously tranquil right about now! There are many different kinds of hot springs resorts both local (here in the USA) and also internationally. It looks like the best international ones are in Europe or Bali.


Paris (couples)

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Paris never seems to go out of style. I’ve never actually been, but the old-fashioned feel of this city has always been a draw for me and, well, the macarons. Who doesn’t love a delicious pastry? They also have some of the most world-renowned art galleries and monuments.

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