Friday Favorites: Rainy Days



Happy Friday!

We’re currently having some rainy cold weather here in California and while I know many other state residents won’t agree, I think we Californians love the rain (though we cannot for the life of us drive in it!). It’s not that we love dreary wet weather, it’s simply that we do not get enough water here. We’ve been in a near drought or drought warning or super-dry-water-shortage type drought for decades so we always appreciate a little rain.

That’s what inspires today’s Friday Favorites so I hope you enjoy!


How we all wish we could spend rainy days…


Beautiful Rainy Day Engagement Photos 


Adorable Dog Poncho!


Not sure where this actually is, but this is basically what a rainy day in Cali looks like!

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Food

Yummy Korean Food Recipes for Rainy Days


Brighten Up A Rainy Day with Pretty Jewelry


Keep Calm & Love Rainy Days 

Have A Great Weekend!

The Perfect Easter Accessory: Adorable Bunny Ear Fashion Glasses!

Spring Floral Trend: Jewelry 

Pretty Bright Jewelry for Spring! 

3 Jewelry Trends to Wear this Spring! 

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