Friday Favorites: Summertime Madness


Happy Friday All!

Obviously, summer has hit us all in a big way. Whether you’re getting ridiculous heat and humidity or possibly a summer storm, you’re probably feeling it and maybe even loving it. Here in California, the heat is pretty typical – hot, humid or dry depending, and sunny all day everyday until about 8PM every day. I’m loving it, but also hating it. I’ve really loved the beach days and cool summer nights, but I hate any time I have to be without the A/C for extended periods of time and because I haven’t had a chance to hit up the pool, I’m just crabby because I don’t feel like doing much when it’s so hot! That being said, I love the summer – the food, the s’mores, the BBQ life, the water sports, and the general fun-filled season. So, that’s what this week’s Friday Favorites is all about!


Summer Party Food


Popsicle Recipes for Summer


Summer Watermelon


Summer S’mores

Have A Great Weekend ☺

Beautiful Jewelry for Summer

Floral Jewelry 

Seaside Sailor Style

Bright Jewelry  

Beautiful In Blue

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Image Source: Pinterest

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